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Ziza Bafana Narrates Drunk Driving Ordeal


Dancehall singer, Ziza Bafana was recently arrested last weekend during the usual Police patrols that are aimed at arresting drunk drivers “Kawumyemu” and this led to his arrest in Wandegeya.

When Ziza Bafana was requested to take a breathalyzer test, he went beyond the accepted standands, he was arrested and taken to Wandegeya police post where he spent some time in the cells.

Bafana recently narrated his ordeal, he was arrested at around 4 am on Saturday morning and was released on Sunday. He further stated he was treated like a thief since police men did not give him the public figure respect.

“They found out that I was a star but still treated me like a chicken thief. I was not given a chance to explain myself, “ Bafana said.