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Should Women Take Over Marriage Proposals From Men?


For the past weeks, we have watched videos, seen photos of marriage proposals happening around Africa with some turning sour and going viral on social media whereas others were successful as some took off the burden off the man if he was planning to propose to his woman. With that in mind, we ask if the women should take over the marriage proposal since it has become trendy.

The latest series of marriage proposal that took place in Nigeria where a lady proposed to her lover who turned her down because he is married already and even the famous proposal of a slay queen at the famous Kampala hangout spot “Cayenne” as we ushered in 2018 sparked a lot of controversies on social media.

With this development, we think the trend of ladies proposing to their men has just started as some men tend to shy away from proposals because they just cant deal with planning a proposal, buying a ring, being sweaty over the fear of rejection as well as excitement for some at once so they usually opt out of the marriage proposal business and they will wait till they have the choice to say a no or yes after the woman has popped the question.

Ladies say it is more magical when a man asks them for their hand in marriage, the butterflies fluttering in their tummy when the man goes down on one knee and pops the question to them but some later added they are willing to take that step for their men if they seem to be taking too long to propose.

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