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Ugandan Musicians Join Forces To Save Ugandan Music.


A few days back, we published stories about how Ugandan musicians like Ykee Benda, Eddy Kenzo wrote dossiers about the injustices done by UPRS and others pushing for Ugandan music given more airplay. Of recent, foreign music has swept the airwaves in Uganda. This has mostly happened for West African music specifically Nigerian.

Fast rewind, Bebe Cool a few years back attacked Ugandan deejays for play more of Nigerian Music at the expense of Ugandan music terming it “substandard”. Ugandan musicians recently started a campaign ‘Save Ug Music’ with an aim of rescuing Ugandan music and making sure it has more airplay both on radio and television.

Singers that have joined and pushing the movement include Ykee Benda. A Pass, Eddy Kenzo, Maro, Fille, Douglas Lwanga, Nutty Neithan among others.

“Our music is dying in our own country. 98% of the music in our country is foreign. Join the movement and together let’s save UG music” Cindy Sanyu shared.

“Have never worked my entire life because I did what I loved to do. It has paid my bills and looked after my kids. Without UGANDAN MUSIC and MUSICIANS I doubt I wud be here. So I join the movement #SAVE UGANDAN MUSIC”  – MC Kats .

“I know a good cause when I see one. One person needs to take lead and show all of us what he sees and we will share to help see this success for the future artiste. Intellectual Property in Uganda is on paper and laws surface anytime you are in the wrong, not when you need the protection. Let’s stand up and see our Art protected together with the artistes.” – Maro