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Ugandan Movie: “Love Faces” Review


Love Faces is just set to break records in the Uganda film industry, first it is the first Ugandan movie to premiere at the Acacia mall based cinema Century Cinemax and it sold out, the cinema hall was packed that people decided to sit on stairs while others stood to watch the movie, movie lovers even asked for a second screening day which happened on 19th January.

Love faces was written and directed by Usama Mukwaya where it evolves around a love life of Sherry (Laura Kahunde) and Joshua (Moses Kiboneka) who can’t work out their love differences even with the help of their friends until a house robbery takes place which show how much Joshua still adores Sherry, opening his eyes and reconcile their differences to save their marriage.

Love faces which runs for over 2 hours was greatly supported by the extraordinary cinematography by Alex Ireeta, production design by Imran Musabbeh and the supporting cast of Patriq Nkakalukanyi and Salome Elizabeth who gave the movie life with their humor.

Though the movie script was full of humor, it lacked generally in screenplay, production design, sound design nonetheless Love Faces is is one of the Ugandan movies you can watch over and over again as you recommend it to your friends because it relatable in our daily lifestyle.




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