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Ugandan Movie “The Forbidden” And Cast


The Forbidden is length narrative feature film about a typical African Girl Child’s Grim.

The Forbidden written by Nakamya Marie Anitah evolves around fate hitting a great young mind, that loses the dad, after death of her mother, Dian’s life’s tales begin with the quest
to find her lost father and a dark twist begins after her mother’s death and ends up face to face with the object of her bereavement.

The Forbidden cast includes Leilah Nakabira, Kaye ‘Trevor’ Rajji, Badiru Bashir Seif, Irene Nalubega, Edison Keith Abitegeka and Nodryn Evanci. It was produced by Nampala Claire, screenplay by Kizito Samuel Saviour & Nodryn Evanci, directed by Kizito Samuel Saviour.

The Forbidden is set to premiere next month on Friday 9th at Club Obligato.

Leilah Nakabira as Dian

Leilah Nakabira kicked off with her acting career in 2016 with “Dream America” movie where she played a supporting role of Linnet. In the same year she was cast in a TV series “wasted” a high school drama and Chronicles of the Unseen, a science fiction series. In 2017 she was cast for a lead role in a feature movie “The forbidden “ as Dian, “specimen “ a horror movie as NOWE and a short movie “April baby” which was written and produced by herself.

Kaye ‘Trevor’ Rajji as Joseph Ssendijja

Kaye is a Ugandan Actor and Model who has featured in movies like Dream America, Extra Time, a TV Series titled “Wasted”, featured in the Obulamu Informercial and the Win It – Takula Cash Ads among others.

Badiru Bashir Seif as Ssendijja

Bashir is a soldier in the Uganda People’s Defence Force Army, but also a fulltime filmmaker and actor who has worked on several projects both locally and internationally in Uganda, South Africa, Malaysia and many more.

He is the man behind the Directorate of Planning, Research and Development of The Uganda Film Council.

Irene Nalubega as Ruth [Dian’s Mother]

Irene is a Ugandan actress who has featured in both screen and stage projects, she has starred in a TV Series ‘Emboozi Z’abaagalana Romantic Celefantasis, acted with The Ebonies, Run The World Movie, Beyond Repair and many other Ugandan Movie Projects

Edison Keith Abitegeka as Uncle Lawrence

Besides Professionally being a Hydraulics engineering mechanic, Edison is an actor and product model who has worked on various projects like The Coffee Shop, The Hostel, The Second Chance, Bunjako, Dream America and many more, brands like MTN, Startimes Uganda and Eagler Lager among others.

Nodryn Evanci as Rosette

Nodryn Evanci is a multi-talented Ugandan Actress and Writer with other skills like Costume Design, Make Up and Film Scoring among others, she has featured and worked on Movie Projects like Extra Time with a lead role of “Shakirah”, The Office as Brenda, and Mpeke Town TV Series as Agatha, and she’s the same person behind the Make Up and Costuming of The Forbidden Movie including the composition and scoring of its music and official soundtrack.

Director, Kizito Samuel Saviour

Kizito Samuel Saviour born as Kizito Samuel is a nominee in the African Movie Academy Awards 2017 in the category of Best First Feature Film by a Director and in the Uganda Viewer’s Choice Movie Awards 2017 in the category of Best Director for his directing debut Bunjako which he also wrote.

Kizito Samuel ‘Saviour’ is a Ugandan filmmaker who majors in Producing, Writing and Directing, he possesses other skills like Photography, Cinematography, Film editing and Acting among others, he is also a filmmaking mentor to a number of upcoming filmmakers in Uganda.

Producer, Nampala Claire

Claire is a social worker, an actress an entrepreneur, a human rights defender, film producer, a mother and CEO of The Red Pictures Production Company. She acted in a TV Series ‘Emboozi Z’abaagalana Romantic Celefantasis, and also featured in other films such as Kampala, Beneath The Lies (Bava Studios), Run The World and many others.

She works with Foundation of Human Rights Initiative as a Human Rights Defender and Project officer in the Capacity Development Division.


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