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Suudi Man Reveals Why He Has Been Sabotaging Wizkid Show In Uganda


Suudi Man Should be given the title of “King Of Saboteurs” after the events guru revealed he was the brains behind sabotaging the upcoming Wizkid Show In Uganda come December.

His acts of sabotaging have left many Ugandans doubting whether Wizkid will keep up his promise of performing in Kampala on 7 December. Suudi man said he has been spreading false news and sharing fake posters that say Wizkid will be in Cameroon on the same day he promised to be in Kampala to perform for his Ugandan fans.

We can reveal that Suudiman, a top city promoter has been behind this. He prints fake posters, spreads them on internet and so far, they have been viral.

While speaking to journalists, the events guru said that he is the one sabotaging the Wizkid show and he was sharing fake posters and sharing them around.

“As a senior promoter, my only worry is about our local talent which will be affected by the date. If my memory serves me right, my brother Pallaso and widely publicized Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards are set on Dec 8. As someone who is part of a crusade to save our music industry, my suggestion to WizKid’s organizers (Face TV) is that the show can be moved to any future date or else move it to an upcountry town like Jinja or Mbarara considering it is a free concert.” I am also reliably informed that Wizkid refunded the money paid to him about a month ago and he is not getting paid. It is a free show where he wants to clear his name. What I don’t want is for this free and long overdue concert to affect those where local artistes have invested time and money because in the end, if we are to save our entertainment industry, it is bold moves like these that will count,”.