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Signs Your Male Friend Wants To Date You


Sometimes you meet a guy and you two decide to be friends.

But your male friends may want more than a friendship and are fighting to get out of that friend zone. Well here are some signs that that man is interested in you

He’s always buying you stuff

Birthdays, get-well-soon cakes, have a good week cupcakes

He’s willing to listen to you at all times

He’s there for you when you need moral support when you need to cry basically all times

He never talks about girls when he’s with you

What is a girl?

He’s your greatest complimenter

Nobody compliments you as much as he does. He does it in real life and even on social media.

He talks about how you’re perfect and how he can’t wait to find someone like you

Literally the cutest human being.

He’s introduced you as his ‘girlfriend’ or ‘wife’ at some point.

And later told you it’s a joke

He’s always free to hang out and invites you to events with him

You’re literally everywhere with him.

You’ve never met anyone he dated

Where was I when you guys were dating though?

When you talk about how you’re interested in someone, he finds negative things to say

He looks like he wears one pair of boxers for a week.

He remembers stuff that you don’t even remember telling him

I don’t even remember telling you these things

You’ve caught him staring at you uncontrollably so many times

Of course yes

Your opinion is so important to him and he tells you everything.

If he killed someone, you’ll be one of the first people to know.