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The Shocking Celebrity Couple Breakups In 2017


Just like they say in any relationship, there often ups And downs. And so commitment is substantial to flourish in this tricky game called love. Some of our local celebrity couples didn’t have a rosy road, as their relationships hit the rocks and this was ensued by severe breakups only to leave fans in utter shock.

Here’s the list of some of the popular celebrity couple break ups;

Herbert and Doroth Shonga

Earlier this year, these two fame loving love birds painted Kampala red and to many it had become evident that their relationship was cemented with pure concrete and nothing (not even hurricane) would tear it apart. From Shonga Advertising Media Company to the acquisition of Space Lounge, everything seemed to be moving on well with the two not until another slay queen popped up in the picture.

Few weeks back, Dorothy took to her social media in a Facebook live post to officially tap out of the relationship. The seemingly angry Dorothy accused Herbert of being a womanizer who will never let a woman pass by and for her to unmask it now, it’s been surely long overdue. She revealed that she caught him calling a one Sheila at 2 am in Makindye when they were done with shopping yet he still denied it till she sneaked into his last dialed number and proved it. Since then, the two have been reported to have called it quits.

Dave Dash and White girlfriend (Wellike Westra)

When Dave had befriended drugs as his tight buddy, the latter threw in the towel at NTV where he was working as a gossip presenter and also fired at the Radio City for the same reason ‘drug abuse.’ Sources intimate that before all these big companies lost trust in him, it was actually his wife who did first. After learning that Dave was over smoking, his dutch girlfriend Wellike Westra dumped him like a hot potato and moved on with life.

Hellen Lukoma And Dean Nsubuga

The two initially met in NTV the hostel series where they were both acting as love birds and that’s where it all began. After dating for more than two years, 2017 seemed Kisanja hakuna muchezo as it ended their relationship. Reports had it that Dean caught her several times having sex in a car with a one renowned city lawyer, who works at Habaomugisha and company advocates that’s located on Nalumbwama arcade, the same Northerner man who was bankrolling her the genesis fashion show. This wasn’t a startle, as many close friends especially dean’s sister Clare would often said it was difficult for Hellen to settle down on one man, and that the break up was actually long overdue.


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