Popular Kenyan DJ Studio Demolished. Find Out Who?


    They beat my dad severally and destroyed our property after the popular Kenyan deejay shared the news to his fans on socialmedia.

    Kenya’s top trending DJ Kalonje is not a happy man after his studio was demolished. He revealed this news on social media with photos of a demolished building.

    He also revealed his studio was demolished and before he was given a notice to vacate the premises and was shocked when goons, armed with pangas and tractors, entered beat up his dad badly and went ahead to steal his machines, DJ decks, Play Stations and studio equipments.

    “Well… this is what has remained of the studio. Without notice we were asked to remove our property under extremely harassing and threatening circumstances. Accompanied by goons armed with pangas and heavy wrenches…shoving my dad severally destroying our property looting my machines Dj Decks, PlayStations studio equipments and stock…Kenya ina wenyewe kweli. Justice ni ya Wenye pesa??”

    He did not reveal if anyone was injured in the process, but all his hardwork was dropped to the ground.

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