See Photo Of Hamisa Mobeto and Diamond Platnumz’ Brother In Law In A Romantic Posture


    Speculations and drama is what transpired on social media that Hamisa Mobeto could have had sex with Diamond Platnumz’s brother in law Petitman after the photo below leaked where they were in somewhat a romantic posture. The photo which is old has Hamisa and Petitman in a romantic posture which left many people speaking in tongues.

    Petitman is married to Diamond Platnumz’ sister Esma Khan also known as Esma Platnumz. Petiman came out to clarify about the photo of him and Hamisa Mobeto.

    Diamond’s brother in law said that the photo was old and it has nothing to do with his current life. He also said those circulating the photo were only doing so with the intention involving him in a scandal.