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New Movie: Breaking With Customs


Breaking With Customs is a culture adventure genre movie about a village boy who falls in love with the king’s wife, they later run away from the kingdom,when the king found out their love affair he ordered for their hunt and they are to be brought to him dead or alive.

Breaking With Customs was written and directed by T.WEST Ttabu Wasswa Stephen. It stars Nabunje Lilian Cherimo,T.West Ttabu Wasswa Stephen, Tangaaza John,Tahia Nahia and Bikoomi Samuel.

The movie research began in May 2014,the film script began on 12th January 2015 written by T.West Ttabu Wasswa Stephen. Casting exercise for actors took place in December 2015 with reheasarls taking over six months. Principle photography started on March 13th 2017 till 7th April. Post production work began in May 2017 and it is expected to stop in September 20th.

Breaking With Customs is produced by T.west Ttabu Wasswa Stephen and Bikoomi Samuel and Swaga Al-Harunah and its official trailer will be out on 23rd August with official movie release set for January 1, 2018.



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