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Museveni Is Not My President – A Pass


Bagonza Alexander commonly known as A Pass seems not to be happy with what is currently transpiring in the political wing of the country to reach the extent of stinging president Museveni and saying he is not his president but rather God is his president.

Read his post about Museveni below

Ugandans always scream and shout about the president… “They need to take Museveni out of office.” They need to stop him from making himself a life president but here’s a good question! WHO IS THEY ??? Who are They ???
You can talk all day complain all day but for me God is my President. He was elected when I was born. I am not worried about the parliaments the cabinet the MPs etc
Most of these MPs and political followers on social media have already lost in their minds hence the over shouting and fighting, you have to be calm and composed if you are to be a leader some of them are not ready if not most of them. Museveni is a test and after him a big blessing is coming for Uganda. Be the president of your house your family your young brothers and sister, one man can’t control 40+ million Ugandan minds. That same man can’t control the thieves that steal from us, the people the die in hospitals everyday, the people that are killed and murdered in different regions of Uganda. Let those people control there parliament because they do what they want anyway and start worrying about what’s going on in your life. Run your life your kids look up to you. Rent, Electricity and water bills are coming and they are not worried if you have money or not… your kids will be needing school clothes and fees, worry about that my friends. God made you the president of your business.