Home Fashion “I Like Criticism” – Singer A Pass On His Fashion Sense.

“I Like Criticism” – Singer A Pass On His Fashion Sense.


Known for great music and lately better for his contentious social media posts that have since seen a section of fans throwing shade at him. The “Tuli Kubigere” hit maker A Pass has often been criticized for his seemingly outlandish sense of fashion.

For starters, the self styled singer has overtime  appeared on national television in sandals (both at urban and citizen TV) and recently while attending the TUMA awards, the singer complimented his all black suit with a back to school bag only to leave fans in shock.

A Pass has also made several public appearances while holding his infamous umbrella on perfect weather days. With all this, many seem not to utterly comprehend whether the singer does it as a gimmick or it’s just his style.

Nevertheless the singer revealed that’s actually his style of fashion. ” I like criticism, it’s only fair for me to be criticized because I also criticized things before even buying it, let’s say i want to buy a suit, i may criticize other colors and pick one which accords to my preference. ” he asserted.