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Kinds Of Panties Every Girl Should Have


I am sure you understand that with every season there is a special underwear behind it.

If you’re already wondering why you would have different panties for different occasions, then you’re clearly missing out on the basics. Having different panties is very key depending on what you’re going to wear.

These are the kinds of underwear every girl should have:

1. Granny panties.

This is simply for your own comfort plus if you have a tummy, it puts everything in its own place.

2. Period panties.

If you don’t have period panties then you should invest in some. They are preferably meant to be black or dark colors just in case you leak.

3. Seamless panties.

Remember when you have a tight dress but your panty line shows? These panties don’t have any lines so you don’t have to worry about looking awkward or people seeing your underwear.

4. The frilly type that makes you feel sexy AF.

It is perfect for when you want to feel elegant and just in case you meet your bae later on then at least your panty will be appetizing.

5. Sporty underwear.

You don’t really need one but it comes in handy when you’re working out. Most of them look like boxers so you can workout in them comfortably.

6. Silky panties because they are so comfortable and sexy.

They are soft and just feel so good you even forget you’re wearing a panty (that’s if you like going commando).

7. A G-string.

They can be so uncomfortable especially if you have a big bum but they are also incredibly sexy. If you can’t wear this for a whole day then it is best worn at night or when you’re going to get some action.

8. Lacy undies.

Lacy undies are just as stress-free as other panties and you may end up looking like a goddess especially with a matching bra.

9. Cotton panties as a regular.

You may have every other type of panty and not have cotton panties. These are your everyday panties. Cotton panties are elegant and cheap to buy as well.