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Ganda Boys Steal Kenneth Mugabi’s Song “Kibunoomu”


The Ganda Boys formerly called the Da Twins are currently having one of the worst times of their music career after they were accused of stealing/plagiarism Ugandan talented singer and songwriter Kenneth Mugabi’s song Kibunoomu.

Kenneth Mugabi’s song Kibunoomu was released in 2016 off his debut album Kibunoomu released on May 8, 2017 though it video was released in the last quarter of 2017.

The Ganda Boys are a UK-based, African fusion band made up members include Ugandan singers Denis Mugagga and Dan Sewagudde and UK musician, Craig Pruess, they re-recorded Kenneth Mugabi’s song without his consent and even performed it at the Ugandan Independence UK 2017 concert.

This caused a stir on twitter and formed a #tag  as most Ugandans bashed the Ganda Boys for their song theft.

this is outright theft/plagiarism, you can’t steal from younger artists & benefit from their creativity without crediting them/recognizing them. Labeling “Kibunoomu by ” as just folk song is a low blow to our copyright struggle. wrote  


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