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Find Out Why Chameleone Called Bebe Cool A ‘Hyena’


When we thought the responses to Bebe Cool’s Facebook post over his best songs and artists of 2017 had come to an end we were wrong, because Jose Chameloene who seemed to have down played the stir caused by the Gagamel boss post has responded while calling Bebe Cool a “Hyena”.

Chameleone while responding the Bebe Cool’s post as he named over 200 songs which he thinks a have stood a test of time (all being his songs by the way) unlike songs named by Bebe Cool.

Read Chameleone’s post;

Never depend on other people to define your glory,
Embrace what God gave you as an individual and celebrate his glory.
There is always one looking up another and that’s the way it will always be.

I will never justify my ability by downplaying others that’s for hyenas. Almighty gave me Enough talent to justify that as a Lion!!!I am blessed so are you. Kati Zivugeeeeeee mutala ku mutala 

Chameleone has joined the likes of Eddy Kenzo, Weasel trashing the Bebe Cool’s list.