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Exposed: Fik Fameika Copied His Latest Song “Mafia”


Just a few days after premiering his new song “Mafia” at his first sold out concert KutamaLife Fiesta held at Sky Beach located at Freedom City, controversy has hit New kid on block, Fik Famaica after critics say he had photocopied another song to make his latest song.

One critic said why does Fik Famaica call himself Fresh Bwoy yet nothing on him seems to be fresh after listening to the song he plagiarized to make “Mafia”.

This not the first time Fik Fameika has been accused of copying songs to make his own, he is yet to be called a “copy&paste master“. Fik Fameika who is currently one of the most sought out for singer has copied all his club bangers like Pistol, ‘Byenyenya’ and ‘Kutama’.

We landed on a song called ‘Pepeta’ by Chin Bee whose audio and video was released in march 2017 and it has a similarity to Fik Fameika’s ‘Mafia’.

Compare the two videos below