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Easy Steps On How To Become A Social Media Influencer


Social media influencers are individuals or third parties who use social media to shape the attitudes of audiences over various brands or more

They are always in touch with the general public, they build a certain level of trust with them. Being a social media influencer does not require any approval from anyone – just be legit and have a good amount of following. Here’s all you need to become a social media influencer.

1. Choose a niche

Find a category you would be comfortable with. A category in which you’ll be able to give your audience new contents every time.

2. Choose your social media platforms

It is safe to say Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most engaged platforms, you can add YouTube if you’re going to be a video content creator.

3. Plan out your content

Why should people follow you? What would the public get when they follow you? It is always essential to plan out your content to make it different from others.

4. Post your content

Post your content at appropriate hours of the day – hours that users are most engaged with their gadgets. Know which content goes on which platform for the most engagement.

5. Be consistent

Follow the schedule and be on time. It is always advisable to have content in abundance so you don’t find yourself wanting when its time to post something. Social media gives you a chance to schedule posts ahead of time so you can concentrate on new ones.

6. Pay attention to feedback

Feedback is the best yardstick to keep you on track. Trends change and audience always want to consume new things and remember you’re not the only person in the game. If you’re not ready to give your audience new trends, they’ll get it elsewhere and in case you don’t know, it costs 5 times more trying to regain your audience than maintaining them.

7. Promote yourself

Share your works anywhere you find yourself and let them ‘defend’ you.

8. Build your community

Like I said, you’re not the only person in the game. Give your audience chance to know who you are – attend forums or places you’re likely to meet your fans and other prospects, trade likes and comments on issues that are linked to your industry.

9. Seek deals from brands

It’s easier when they come to you but you also need to chase them. Show them what you’ve got and you can do for them and leave the thinking to them, yeah.

10. Grow and expand your brand

Growth is essential, go from level to level and don’t settle for mediocre. There will come a time when brands send you free products to try out. Imagine all that goodies.