I Am My Own Competition – Tanzanian Singer Rayvanny


    As the talk of who is the king of  bongo flava is still continuing to take shape up and the daily release of new music in Tanzania.

    Overtime, concentration has now been turned to YouTube so as to gauge the supremacy of Tanzanian singers as views on YouTube have become essential in determining who has the biggest fan base, the fight of claiming the charts has seen big shots like Alikiba , Diamond , Jux, Darasa etc bash eachother for likes while this might be one of the ways of embracing a health musical competition, Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) signed artist and BET award winner for best international viewers choice category, singer Rayvanny has counted himself out of such.

    Rayvanny who was in kenya for end year concert in Mombasa said that he doesn’t compete with any artist since such competition breeds enmity that many have turned out to gain mileage from. Rayvanny also revealed that despite the break up with his fiance Fayma things were getting pretty well.

    While speaking to a local television show, Rayvanny said

    “misipendi competition nafanya vitu zangu mi menyewe, kushindana mwisho wa siku unakuja kwa ugomvi alafu kufeli so am doing my music as my thing .”

    By Erick Mutinda


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