Benefits of Speaking Many Languages


    Uganda is blessed with diversity of cultures hence having many languages in turn. Problem is that a large number of people cannot communicate in at least five languages. This is perhaps because English is our main lingua franca. There are so many benefits of speaking more than five languages. It is, noteworthy, to say that even though encouraging Ugandans to speak more languages, more and more citizens are moving away from even communicating in their own mother tongue which is quite absurd.

    Some of the benefits of speaking many languages include:

    You will have more job opportunities

    There are certain jobs you cannot apply for if you cannot speak more than three languages. And you know that these jobs come with huge salaries and bonuses.

    Improve your competitiveness

    Speaking a more than four traditional language makes your curriculum vitae stand out and can boost you to the top of the interview list with potential employers hence becoming more competitive.

    Can earn more money.

    The financial returns of learning an extra language can help you earn more money. You can freelance as a translator thus making more quids on the side.

    Get to try on different personalities

    You cannot be pigeonholed if you speak more languages. Hence, you can easily shift from one personality to another depending on which language you and your friends are speaking. You will have an all-rounded personality.

    Opens up social and cultural opportunities

    Speaking another language allows you to interact with different people and understand the perks of other cultures. This means that you have better chances to make friends, explore different ways of life and be able to blend with different lifestyles.

    Improves problem-solving

    Being multilingual in traditional languages can improve your brain functions like the ability to focus attention and perform mental tasks. Thus, people who speak more than one language can process information more efficiently.

    Help keeps you safe

    Have you been in a dangerous situation in which you do not speak the same language with the people involved? Well, persons who are multilingual do not need to worry because their ability to speak and understand whatever they are saying can save you. However, do not be too hasty to respond because this can also be fatal.