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Bebe Cool Names His Best Musicians Of 2017


The Gagamel Phamily boss and singer Bebe Cool is a man who is never afraid to say what he has on his mind and he recently came out to shown his gratitude and love to new talent in the music industry.

Bebe Cool dished out a list of his best Ugandan musicians and songs of 2017 who mainly made up of fresh talent on the music scene. Read his full post

2017 was a great year for the music industry as we witnessed a lot of new talent take shape and position in the Ugandan music/entertainment industry.
At the same time we also witnessed old talent exit as the new young talent put a lot of pressure in the game,putting into consideration the major changes in types of music/beats/fashion and interest of the audiences.
Let me thank the club,radio and tv djs in Uganda for the full unconditional support that they rendered to the young talent and good music.
As a top artist in Uganda,i have all the moral authority to say that if you did not hear your music play or your artists music play on radio,tv or club then you or your artist did not do well at all no matter New or Old talent coz the djs did their part without favouring any one. 

Let me also thank the PRESS in Uganda,thank you so much as you covered 90% positive/constructive,competitive and no favouring of any one in the entertainment industry.

By the end of the year,it was clear that the Ugandan audience had picked back full interest and support of its local hardworking talent/artists and that’s what we call patriotism.

The above is evident as all concerts organised during the festive season 2017 were fully attended more than the other years no matter how expensive the ticket was.

Below is my list of artists who deserve full recognition/credit for 2017 entertainment in Uganda & their songs accordingly.

Ykee benda-Superman,Eva,Malaika

Fik fameica -Byenyenya,Kutama


Irene ntale -Kyolowoza,Stamina daddy

Roden y kabako-Stani tonkema

Vinka -Over dose,Malaika

Voltage music-Over dose,Cheza Mama

David lutalo -Kwasa,Wolololo

Eddy yawe & carol nantongo -Tukigale

Moureen nantume -Ndi muzade,Malidadi

Spice diana -Bukete,Anti kale

B2C -Nyongera,Gutamiza,Akapande

Gravity Omutujju -Cricket oval

Lydia Jazmine -Nkubanja,Chery,drum


Bebe Cool- Katono,Mbozzi za malwa,Nananana,18 & Over.


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