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Batalo Dance Fest Set For This Weekend


Batalo Dance Fest is an annual festival promoting and safeguarding traditional and celebrating the fusion urban dance styles with traditional, through dance theater, battles, performance showcases, exhibitions, and cyphers. It is a social and cultural audience building space that promotes free interaction between different people based.

Batalo Dance Fest incorporates photography, film, and music into this exhibition, traditional art merges with urban styles to create strong individuals and promote cultural development.

Batalo East Festival will take place on 26th August to 27th August. On 26th August, showcases, eliminations and finals will take place from 12 pm and on 27th August, it will be Dance Theatre Night starting 7:30 pm. Entrance to the venue is only 10k for adults with children entering for free.

Batalo East Festival is sponsored by Stichting DOEN, Ndere Cultural Centre, Magic 1HD, Alliance Française Kampala, Urban Films Festival, Viva Con Agua, Tabu Flo Dance Company and Urban Market.